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Player Unknown BattleGrounds or more commonly known as PUBG is a popular game that can be played individually or with a team. This game can not only be operated via PC but now PUBG Mobile is also available. There is even a lite version of PUBG available for users with small storage.


The ease of access to playing PUBG makes it popular with many groups. It's not surprising that now many PUBG players are busy looking for platforms to buy PUBG UC to support the game. For those of you who are still confused, try to top up PUBG via the Lapakgaming website, see the following review to find out more information.

Reasons You Have to Top Up PUBG Through Lapakgaming

The rise of online games has certainly made it easier to find platform providers that offer a variety of gaming needs. Not all platforms are able to provide services at the prices you want. But don't worry because Lapakgaming comes with the best service and competitive prices. There are several reasons why you should top up PUBG via Lapakgaming, including:

  • When buying UC PUBG, of course you will look for the cheapest price so you can improve game performance but still save money. Lapakgaming provides affordable prices as well as lots of attractive promotions so you can take advantage of them.
  • For new users, buying UC PUBG may be quite unfamiliar. By buying at Lapakgaming, you will be able to get it easily without any hassle. The menu options are complete but easy to operate, which is very helpful for users, especially beginners.
  • Some PUBG game users may still be teenagers and not yet old enough to carry out certain transactions. Lapakgaming provides various payment methods such as through various convenience stores, E-Wallet, and FPX online banking. However, parents don't need to worry because they will receive guidance from officers.

How to Top Up PUBG Online

PUBG Top Up can be done easily online via Lapakgaming with various payment options. Here's a simple method that can guide you to top up PUBG on Lapakgaming.

  1. When opening the website, make sure your User ID is created in the Malaysia Region.

  2. Enter the User ID that you have carefully so that you don't send it incorrectly during the transaction.

  3. Select the UC nominal you want. At this stage you have to pay attention to the product you need because there are many choices including RP and UC upgrades.

  4. After selecting all the desired products, continue the payment process. There are many payment methods available. You can pay using E-Wallet (ShopeePay, GrabPay, Touch 'n Go, MAE Maybank, Boost, ShopeePay, DuitNow QR), FPX online banking, or using cash at your preferred convenience store (KK Mart, 7 Eleven, and 99 mart ).

  5. Fill in the transaction details starting from User ID to personal contact in the form of an active email.

  6. Don't forget to fill in the promo code if you have it. But if not then you can skip this stage.

  7. Click "Buy Now" to get a payment code according to the payment method you chose.

  8. Complete the payment by making a transaction according to the method you choose.

  9. After a successful transaction, PUBG UC will be immediately sent to your game account. No need to register, log-in, exchange voucher codes, or enter pin codes.

UC PUBG Price List on Lapakgaming

Realizing that PUBG is played by many groups, including teenagers, Lapakgaming provides UC PUBG at various price ranges. You can buy based on your needs and can even get the cheapest price at Lapakgaming, here is the latest price list.

● Upgrade RP : RM39.6

● Elite Upgrade RP : RM101.7

● 46 + 3 UC : RM2.88

● 60 UC : RM3.6

● 77 + 4 UC : RM4.9

● 107 + 6 UC : RM6.62

● 302 + 41 UC : RM18.95

● 422 + 60 UC : RM29.4

● 602 + 91 UC : RM49

● 722 +118 UC : RM54.2

● 1442 + 351 UC : RM94.8

● 1500 + 300 UC : RM112.5

● 3002 + 1001 UC : RM189.5

● 3000 + 805 UC : RM180

● 4202 + 1513 UC : RM294

● 7202 + 2881 UC : RM490

● 6000 + 2100 UC : RM360

● 14402 + 5761 UC : RM980

● 30002 + 12001 UC : RM1,960

● 42002 + 16801 UC : RM2,940

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